POS and Dining Technology

Markets We Serve

Leveraging POS and Meal Plan
Management Expertise for Multiple Markets

ServingIntel’s focus is Senior Living, leveraging similar capabilities and experience gained from over two decades in the Hospitality market.

Through technology, we empower you with innovative technologies to deliver exceptional dining experiences, reduce the burden on staff, and drive revenue growth.

Senior Living

​For seniors, meals are vital to social, emotional, and physical well-being. Dining done well directly impacts resident satisfaction and occupancy.

ServingIntel empowers communities with options that elevate the resident experience, optimizes efficiency, and increases revenue. Through customization and collaboration, implementing a right-size, right-fit solution for your community is not only possible, but necessary for success.

Education & Corporate

Dining holds a pivotal role in academic and professional performance of those being served. Utilizing our success in POS, Meal Plan, and Transaction Management, ServingIntel delivers comprehensive offerings that streamline the process and tailor meal plan and payment solutions to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Family & Fine Dining

In the dynamic world of Hospitality, the Dining experience is paramount to success. Leveraging decades of experience in Family & Fine Dining, ServingIntel carries that expertise into other markets while continuing to deliver more value through innovation for our restaurant partners.